About Us

We are a woman owned family company and are happy to serve our local community! It is wonderful to be able to reach customers throughout the country through online sales as well. Sheets by Karen does local events in both the Chicago area (into Wisconsin and Indiana) and in southeast Florida in the winter months. Purchasing online is always available all year through our website no matter where you live!

We believe that everyone deserves to sleep in luxury, and we are proud to make it possible! We are able to offer our clients these amazing, luxurious sheets at an unbeatable price, delivered straight to our clients via online sales and our exclusive network of events. Our customers buy from us again and again because, simply put, our sheets are the best you can buy, and you can't beat the price. Our Egyptian comfort sheets enable you to have a good and luxurious night's sleep!

These sheets are like a best friend and get better the longer you own them.

Sheets by Karen